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Screen Name: Joanna Joined: 2 April 2009 Location: NSW Recruits: 5 Lives Saved: 1,415

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Fave Food: mangoes Fave Music: Kisschasy ,Yellowcard ,deathcab for cutie and dashboard confessional Fave Animal: pig What's Hot: animal rights ! What's Not: animal cruelty!


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Hi,Im Joanna and i'm conducting a survey for my society and culture personal interest project my question is What influences people to become vegetarian or Vegan ? Cruelty vs celebrity influence .If you could  please complete my survey it would be greatly me:

1.Are you a vegetarian? Please circle

2.A vegetarian is generally referred to as someone who does not eat meat, but who does eat dairy products and eggs. A vegan however, does not eat or wear anything that has required using an animal. Therefore vegans, in addition to abstaining from meat, don't eat milk or cheese, don't eat eggs or honey, and don't wear leather, wool or fur. Most vegans also avoid using products that have been tested on animals. Are you a vegan? Please circle

3.What influenced your decision to become a vegetarian or vegan? Please circle
  Celebrity influence
  Peer Pressure

  other (please specify ) _______________________________

4.How old where you when decided to become a vegetarian or vegan? Please Circle

     Less than 10
     10- 14


5. Do you ever come under ridicule (teased) because you are vegetarian or vegan? Please circle


6.Please list celebrities whom you know are
7.If you knew your favourite celebrity was a vegetarian or vegan would that influence your choice?
Please Circle                                                                                          



8. Are you aware of issues in the community regarding animal rights? Please circle
For example:

•        Factory farming (save babe)

•        Animal testing (vivisection)

•        Broiler hens (free betty)

•        Sheep-Mulesing

•        Circuses

9.Did this influence your decision to become vegetarian or vegan? Why?

10.Would you consider it apart of a particular “scene” to be Vegetarian or Vegan? Please elaborate

By Joanna Docen
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