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Arishmary Canada
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Screen Name: Arishmary Canada Joined: 17 April 2009 Location: Canada Recruits: 4 Lives Saved: 1,414

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Fave Food: organic, vegetables, fruit, soy, rice, non-palmoil, non-palm kernel, non-palmpalm, non-dairy, NON-ANIMAL BY-PRODUCT, leggo my eggo, spaghetti, lightly sugared cakes, biscuits, snacks, processed junk food, salt, breads, pizza, Fave Music: 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's Fave Animal: all pets, goats, dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, geese, duck, deer, chicken, pigs, marine life, monkey, bears, wolf, wolves, farm animals, lions, tigers, mice, snails, cows, frogs, bugs, seals, bulls, cows, chickens, fox, animals, horses, goats, What's Hot: Activists and Fighters of Rights for Animals, the Environment and people who deserve them, people with ample opportunities to make a stupid homophobic or femaphobic joke but they don’t. A Man talking seriously about saving the lives of animals, wildlife & What's Not: The Opposite of What’s Hot of course is that a trick question? Well to be specific about what’s Not Hot. Ummm, Oh I know!! Anyone who says Uummmmm more than 5 times in a small conversation. Oh and also Lazy Online Surfer & Browser; the Ignorant, the ill-i


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Arishmary Canada

Pardon My Monkey, but his family was killed for consumer encouraged, big business palm oil production in disgustingly sick and stupid consumer products everywhere, so he's hiding from them. He thinks he can Hide. He can't and either can WE, THE PEOPLE.

I hope you know about the palm oil being in products all over inside the stores; supermarkets, shops, offices, cafés and restaurants? The Palm Oil produced by companies that will torture & kill lives. The Palm Oil In Products should be put on the Labels of those products, but still companies get away without doing so.

You can buy a small food item with no ingredient listing; except for a giant word that reads "Natural". Palm Oil is Natural; but after they finish with it for the product, it is not. And there's no ingredients because that small item comes from a bigger box of 10, and the box is kept away while displaying that the item contains Palm Oil.

When they are on the labels, they're really in small gold print on red shiny backgrounds. Or small red print on Gold background etc,. Or the package is designed to be Ironed with a fold on top of the ingredients displaying the small unreadable text at the same time.

The Companies think they are clever; but they're not they're just Evil, And people still shop for their products. On Tv they tell you that that energy bar contains all natural ingredients, then they list them for you and conveniently by accident don't mention anywhere that they use Palm Oil. It's like false advertising except what you don't know WILL hurt you.

They're told to tell the truth about what's in their product, but they don't tell - and they should be told to "Not Keep Things From The Public", but they're not told that either. So there products are made, and Lives are taken away.

It's true, lives are being tortured and taken away; all because of the Production and Consumption of Palm Oil and Products with Palm Oil In them. Please read further and join the millions in the fight against the production; consumption & needless slaughter for, Palm Oil. Oil of Gold.

And Oil of a Holocaust you're not being told about on TV, from Corporations or your Government. We must FACE THE CORRUPT head on and eat them one by one, (like how they eat their nice bags of palm oil potato crisps). Until there are none, , then we'll shit them out.

Companies invest millions to create these popular PRODUCTS CONTAINING PALM OIL, that we consumers buy & consume without reading the ingredients or being aware of global Palm Oil Production & Consumption Impacts - while the companies that PROFIT FROM PALM OIL PRODUCTS are completely involved (& encouraged by Government) with destruction of the eco-system & human communities, as well as deforestation & slaughtering of Precious & Legendary Animals living in the way of palm oil Production Plants.

Yes they live in the way of them, because the plants hold the palm fruit and the palm fruit (along with the tree, leaves & earth around it) belong to them. They eat the little fruits for their high dose of nutrition & nourishment that the palm plant produces, and since the fruits contain the palm oil, they're taken and stolen away from all the animals that depend on this plant for it's healthy palm oil from within.

Building our own sustainable palm oil tree factories (called Plants) are also disgusting, and you'll see why, but please join me in making the public more aware of the disastrous situations producing palm oil has caused (including the sustainable palm plant production).

Tell all your friends what just buying products with palm oil in them from these corporations have caused, just so their family can be happy? I will be collecting pages, images and links I visit online, to add to this page so that there is as much information as possible for you at your fingertips, along with vital resources for Taking Action and Making a Difference.

I don't know the question, But "Change" is the Answer. It is vital we stop the production of palm oil, vital for the human race, the animals and wildlife, for the environment & for the good of all while harming none.

The high percentage of people that consume these products are helping the high percentage of corporations allowed to get away with this corrupt destruction & murder for Palm Oil.

When you search for Palm Oil online you'll find Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Products from all over the Globe contributing to the destruction of the Globe while pretending everything they do is ethical; organic, sustainable, fair-trade or harmless, but they are companies of destruction & inhumane practices & polices.

My honey went out the other day and thought he'd bring me home two nice bars of 100% Natural Lavender Soap (by Scentuals). On the front & bottom of the box they have "made with olive oil". Ya so big deal, tell us the ingredient that kills Wildlife.

My honey said their was no Palm Oil in it; which means he checked, so do I double check? Yes and it's no wonder he didn't see it, because the print is so tiny while he didn't expect to be reading "palm oil" right at the top as the first ingredient.

It was listed right at the top as "Elaeis Guineensis", then in parenthesis sit's the word (Palm Oil). After that first listing of Palm Oil, their was pure filtered water, and that makes me wonder where the water came from as well? From a near by community that depends on it as you steel it?

Then Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Pure Essential Oils (what ever that means), Beeswax and Apricot Kernel Oil. They're all in the soap, but they had to use Palm Oil so I don't trust any of it. What is Essential Oils? Why do they not list them.

On the side they say "we use nourishing oils and soothing botanicals sourced from four areas of nature: FORESTS, OCEANS, TROPICS, COUNTRYSIDES" to make your skin feel great." WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?! That's not a good thing anymore, and they don't tell us which ingredient is sustainable and which is killed for or stolen from the Lands & Oceans of Wildlife & Marine Life.

And why is everything on the package written so small? I just don't trust any of them. The only thing on the box that looks somewhat truthful is "Wet Skin & Rub In Circular Motion to create a moisturizing lather.

So now I found a New Soap & Lip Gloss Maker (located at Triple Clicks Affiliate), that doesn't use any Palm Oil in them as she produces these beautiful products herself. She also has Home Décor' Gift Merchandise that I don't know about but as far as Soap (a product needed regularly?) she doesn't use palm oil. Please Take a Look and Support such a wonderful business that doesn't use Palm Oil in products that most companies use palm oil with.

We need to boycott other companies that use, produce or buy this Oil, so take a look at Jennelite Home Décor's Soaps here: " and you won't need those other companies again. Join TC to qualify for discounts and special products you can't find anywhere, then get the Soaps like I am.

When we buy products of poison and junk, we allow & encourage the products to be bought & sold to the world, and the companies who make them to continue poisoning in mass quantities via needless junk (bad for you junk). Junk like chips, chocolates, crisps, donuts, sodas, ice cream and more, all bought with poisons attached, and an oil that kills; because they have to kill wildlife to get it.

Not just wildlife but Legendary Creatures, Intelligent Species, Animals that should be left alone with their own Palm Trees and Palm Oil Fruits. It's theirs it's not ours, and we've taken so much from them that we should be giving it back to them now instead.

We have it in Foods; Cleaners, Cosmetics Bio-fuels & other products that can & should be replaced because if we don't stop them we encourage them. And as I sit here all high and mighty, I know there is Palm Oil in this home but I will not use it and I will never buy it; and if I hear about anyone doing so I will go completely out of my mind to hold back screaming at them like you would not believe.

I care about the Animals and we must tell people how disgusting it is that they are eating what they are eating! Tell them "obviously you don't know about Palm Oil Do you?" They will ask in their own ignorant way and that's when you let them have it..

It's about the Animals; not being a conservationist, not worried about your health, and not the amount of money the company pays you to work for them, it's about the poor animals and the corruption of big business and government - AND WE MUST TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!

Stop Cleaning with it, Stop putting it on your face & hair, stop eating it! STOP BUYING PALM OIL PRODUCTS FROM COMPANIES, and then drop those companies completely. It's called Boycotting and it's more delicious than processed Palm Oil.

There's no help from the people who don't know what's going on, or couldn't care less about anything except themselves. Those who care about their Family's health only (during the time of shopping), will read the ingredients of things to watch out for; bad things that harm humans, but they don't watch out for bad things that harm the animals or hurt the environment?

We've got to make these people more aware, of the fact that they don't even have to read the ingredients to know how bad something on the grocery store shelf really is. It's all Bad and It's All Shit! Agree!? Yes so take action, tell them off (in a polite way of course)

With the Companies, we can stop them also; we just have to stop buying from them and have them know why (with a letter or petition or email or phone call), then they will cancel all purchasing of palm oils.

They are all purchasing them from people hurting wildlife habitat constantly and destroying the environment at the same time. Even from the companies that claim to create "sustainable" palm oil. I SAY IF IT'S SUSTAINABLE - SUSTAIN THEM TO THE WILDLIFE WHERE YOU TOOK THEM FROM TO BEGIN WITH!!

Do we need ingredients for an apple? A banana? Peaches? Well we need to know that Monsanto had nothing to do with them, but other than that  there are no ingredients for healthy locally grown, organic fruits and veggies. Just Natural Soil, Sun & Water.

From organic fruits & veggies you can make anything for dinner, and then add the noodles; the olives, the palm-oil free butter, what ever you want just stop consuming products with Palm Oil and we can all make a difference to save the wildlife & the environment while just living our life NEVER EATING JUNK FOOD or any processed food ever again, Like me.

Well, not the ones that have Palm Oil in them anyway.

There's nothing like making little animals outside happy; the squirrels, the chipmunks, raccoons, possums, crows, ducks and more. They eventually stop running from you and look out for what you're throwing to them. It's as cute as watching the children play, while they know you're watching.

Give your Palm Oil foods to the near by wildlife. Stop buying them completely along with anything from the Company.. Or that Deli. I often throw newly disgusting palm oil snacks and treats to our babies outside, and they just love it when I do.

I say to them as I extend my arm out with goodies in it; "good morning sweetie how are you", and they stop, look at me & my hand throwing goodies, then run to see what they are.

Sometimes they'll stay and eat them, sometimes they'll move closer to me and eat them, and sometimes they'll take the goodies up a tree and sit on a branch over looking the land to eat them. It's the sweetest thing, and they know it's coming from you.

If you don't show them the goodies while softly communicating with them, as you're holding the goodies to throw to them; you'll throw it and as it lands they'll look up and think it came from the sky. "Oh Look another Falling Eggo Waffle"! Or "My goodness a Cinnamon Danish just fell from the sky!"

In any case, they love it around here, and what that does to me (spiritually & emotionally) is amazing. You try. Pretend you appreciate the animals like they're sweet children playing in the yard together; but you can not make them your own, however you love making them happy when they visit.

Even the little cute mice around here that keep me company in the wee hours of the night, love cake-deserts & ice cream. They love all the palm oil products, except of course for the one's that are uneatable (really hard treats, really solid snacks or really disgusting in some way for me).

Speaking of uneatable disgusting palm oil products; use the last of your disgusting cleaners containing Palm Oil as well, don't throw them out onto the land, but just stop buying them all together. The cleaners are like the foods that use palm oil but don't have to. Boycott every company you find with Palm Oil as an Ingredient in their products.

Boycotting works but only with more and more people.. Boycotting is refusing to deal with something for an important reason: to cease or refuse to deal with something such as an organization, a company, or a process, as a protest against it or as an effort to force it to become more acceptable.


If you're new to finding out about Palm Oil & it's Production & Destruction, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the global disasters one plate of cake-deserts; bowl of ice cream or box of cookies with palm oil in them can do, but at the following great sites you'll find out all you need to know.

Thank you for caring and don't forget to visit & "Like" my Facebook Page: Action-Against-Palm-Oil-Production-Now-We-Will-Take-No-More-Of-It @, the page is linked in the list below as well.

I Love my Animals Around The World Like I Love My Kids, and I never had any human kids to Love - so you know I really need to give my Love to others who deserve it. No matter who those others are as long as they deserve my Love.

No others deserve my Love more than The Animals, they can't even ask me for it, but they have it anyway. Just ask my Goat "Prezi", she's my Child as well, but she thinks she's a human girl and wants to live in the house with me.

So please everyone: when ever you're free, spread the word to not only "Leggo Your Orangutans & Palm Oil Trees in the Forest" but Leggo of Capitalists & Corporations who continue to produce such disgusting products for human beings..

It's a Big Project I Know,
Because Enough is enough.
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