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My light bulb moment occurred after watching the movie "supersize me" on the 23hr plane ride back to Australia,its a long time sitting down by yourself which forces you to reflect on life, during this time i thought hey maybe i could give this veg diet a go,getting back home and doing more research on this lifestyle i found another movie called "earthlings" and that seriously did it for me emotionally i was broken down to tears, how can one specie of animal have so much power over another? because thats what we are just a bunch of animals who slaughter other species to fill our stomachs up with rotting flesh as a survival mechanism. How fkd*d up is society that we percieve some animals as pets and the rest our food? are we that genetically messed up to think this is normal?? ,its like ive been in a meat coma all my life and ive just hit a realization and woken up, yes better late then one really thinks about how meat gets on our plate because its so glamorized when you buy it prepacked in the store, you dont see the innocence in the animals eyes just before getting SLAUGHTERED or hearing their squeals, we are just so ignorant!!. Starting this life style ive learnt soo much about food and nutrition and i seriously cannot believe how much pain animals go through...VIOLENCE AGAINST ANIMALS ....AUSTRALIANS SAY NO!!!! chick
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