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Awards Against Animal Testing Fur-Free! Leather-Free! Wool-Free! Vegetarian

Screen Name: Gaara-Rulez Joined: 13 July 2009 Location: United States Recruits: 0 Lives Saved: 1,389

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Fave Food: Tofu Fave Music: Anything rock or christian rock Fave Animal: CAT What's Hot: ? What's Not: ?


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I'm a tree-hugging vegetarian hippie, animal activist, anime lover. I'm a strong Christian.

I've been a vegetarian nearly two years now ^^

I bacame a vegetarian for a number of reasons. One of them was because I couldn't think of animals dying just because i was 'hungry'. Another is a Christian reason. God wants us to be like Jesus and Jesus showed compassion to all things including animals. And the only records in the bible of him eating some kind of meat was fish. The other reason is because it's healthy for you. Our bodies aren't made to eat meat to begin with. People think that since we have the cannin teeth that means we need to be carnivores when in reality meat slowly destroys our bodies as we eat it (Ie: heart burn, stroke, etc.) then the last reason is because of my friend Ava. She let me in on the whole thing and got me thinking about it. I had been before but she brought me to actually doing it. Thanks girl!

I decided to become an animal activist really a small amount of time before i met ava. Though my dad thinks otherwise XD. Anyways, I had always been careful about the make-up i wore(i don't wear make-up period cause you can never know) and the products i used. I find it appaling that humans think we can treat animals that way when they were put here on earth firstly as companions. Humans are nothing like animals body wise. An effect on them is going to be different for us. They don't need a harmless and defencless animal to prove something like that. ^^

I do love anime. The thing at the beginning is the sort of 'label' i gave myself. My favs are Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Inu Yasha, and FMA.
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