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Awards Against Animal Testing Fur-Free! Leather-Free! Wool-Free! Vegetarian Action Team Member Recruiter Socialite Street Leafleter

Screen Name: RebeccaXY Joined: 13 July 2009 Location: QLD Recruits: 6 Lives Saved: 1,229

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Fave Food: ALL Fruit .. maybe except bruised bananas. Fave Music: Kisschasy, Goo Goo Dolls, Shinedown, Paramore, Lady Gaga, All Time Low, AFI, Sunny Day Real Estate, Placebo, Taking Back Sunday, Short Stack, Linkin Park Fave Animal: ALL!, But probably mostly pigs. They are soo adorable! What's Hot: Darren Cordeux's hair, Darren Cordeux's voice, Darren Cordeux's band, Darren Cordeux, Being vegetarian/vegan, Saving animals and the Earth, school holidays :) What's Not: Critisising what people wear/do cuz its fun, animal meat, pain, death, critising people for NOT eating meat... it's cooler than hurting animals!! Golly Gosh, saying stuff like 'I love meat.' to vegetarians, or vegans...


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I have changed my email address, so my Unleashed profile has too. My screen name is now Factory Free ♥.

G'day. My name is Rebecca, I'm sixteen and I'm a veg happy I am slowly turning vegan .. But yeah .. Gettin' there happy

About me:
- i LOVE animals
- i LOVE being random
- i LOVE looking retarded in public
- i LOVE spending my life doing the things I love
- i LOVE my family and friends .. most of the time
- i LOVE helping he environment
- i LOVE standing up for what I believe in
- i LOVE kisschasy!
- i HATE seeing animals being abused
- i HATE it how people think you NEED meat to survive
- i HATE it when people criticize other for what we eat

Person: How come you don't eat meat? Its tastes so good!!! I can't live without it.
Me: I've told you you don't need it to survive.. and you can get other foods that taste like meat, but are animal free!
Person: But its not REAL food .. I'm gonna stick with my steak
Me: -_-]

i LOVE people who understand and respect others life choices.


I'd love to meet anyone on here, so add me as a friend if you wish.
-Thumbs up- !!

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