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Awards Against Animal Testing Fur-Free! Leather-Free! Wool-Free! Vegan Action Team Member Socialite

Screen Name: JessBrazil Joined: 20 July 2012 Location: VIC Recruits: 0 Lives Saved: 939

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Fave Food: Anything Thai or Mexican...I'm also a sucker for cheesecake. Fave Music: AFP, JAA, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, 8in8, Unter null, Angelspit, The Police. Fave Animal: My kitties, zebras, honey badgers, snakes. What's Hot: An open mind. What's Not: Addiction.


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I don't know exactly what to say, I'm constantly changing. I know I love experimenting with new food, psychology, creating art and Sudoku.
I'm a terrible dancer, I have no coordination.
I find it hard not to bite my nails and hate brushing my hair.
I like Grover over Elmo because Elmo is overrated and has a goldfish. And goldfish upset me because whenever I try to have them I get scared they're hungry, then overfeed them and they die.
I have seen way too many cartoons for one person.
I'd rather watch a film I've watched before and know all the words to than risk seeing a movie that I haven't that could be shit.
I have a constant feeling that I have some kind of disease or tumor that is going to kill me when I least expect it.
I relate to the robots in the animatrix and cry eveytime I watch it.
Sometimes I'm too big for my boots.
I don't put up with shit and don't give second chances.
I'm so hard on myself that when I make a mistake, no matter how trivial I tear myself apart emotionally.
I over think things.
I'm unique, just like everyone else.
Most of the time I don't want to know where the future goes...just incase.
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