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Screen Name: Connors_mummy Joined: 5 June 2010 Location: NSW Recruits: 5 Lives Saved: 1,150

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Fave Food: Dates Fave Music: Techno & dance Fave Animal: All animals are precious <3 What's Hot: Being vegan What's Not: Eating meat


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paw I'm 20 years old.

paw I have a son- Connor Jacob! He's my life. He makes me so happy!

paw I'm a vegan.  chick

paw I am a member of:
-People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),the largest animal rights organization in the world
-Animal Liberation (an animal rights charity)
-Australian Breastfeeding Association
-The Animal Justice Party of Australia (a political party)

paw I'm opinionated and passionate about animal rights, breastfeeding, the truth about vaccinations and many other issues. I disagree with controlled crying, a baby can't be spoilt, only good can come from love and comfort. It's also a baby's right to breastfeed. And a parent should never hit their child. Natural/attatchment parenting is the only way.

paw I kick ass for the animals by:
love Being vegan.
love  Making delicious vegan foods, taking a photo and sharing on facebook with all my friends (including meat-eaters). I've changed many views of vegan food, most people never knew you could eat chocolate cake, and thought we lived on lentils! Also making vegan food for meat-eating friends and family. This gives them the opportunity to try it, and also, for THAT meal they are not consuming meat, eggs or dairy. Sneaky huh!?
love  Supporting animal rights charities such as Animals Australia, PETA, Animal Liberation, and being a member of the Animal Justice Party of Australia.
love  Sending emails to MPs, companies and being active with animal rights issues.
love Being informed about the issues so I can tackle any question and inform anyone willing to listen!
love Supporting vegetarian and vegan businesses and restaurants.
love  Going letterbox dropping, delivering leaflets about caged eggs and factory farming.
love  Wearing clothes with vegan slogans, having bumper stickers on my car and having badges on my bag, all the raise awareness of the cruelty and suffering animals go through.
love  Making a facebook page about veganism, giving information about nutrition, how to be an activist, hidden animal ingredients on products, information about all of the industries involved in using animals, links, recipes, pictures and videos.
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