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Awards Against Animal Testing Fur-Free! Leather-Free! Wool-Free! Vegan Action Team Member Socialite

Screen Name: Chip Joined: 7 August 2010 Location: VIC Recruits: 0 Lives Saved: 1,117

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Fave Food: Sticky Date Pudding!! Fave Music: 60'/70's pop rock Fave Animal: Tiger/Quaker parrot What's Hot: The 60's/70's, art, respect and love, THE BEALTES!! and peace! What's Not: Disrespect, ignorance, arrogance, cruelty, money (yeah, I really hate the stuff...) and exploitation.


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Okay, so I'm 17 (a few months away from 18, starting Uni so I feel older...), I've been a meater most of my life, but over the past couple of years has felt a sense of guilt for being so. But, I am now vegetarian hoping to move onto vegan sometime in the next year.

I have several pets including alpacas, fish, a quaker parrot, 2/3 cats (not to mention that we own a boarding cattery so I have the great advantage to meet new cats all the time), a great dane, silky bantams and many more. I love all of my pets, and if there is any main reason as for why I have become veg, it's for my pets.  

At heart, I'm a naturist; I love nature with a great passion (sorry for sounding corny... but it's true). Some days I walk outside and breathe in that frosty winter air and I shed a tear from the pure joy and beauty of nature.

I'm also spiritual, although I generally hide it because my friends and (some) of my family don't look kindly upon spirituality, but my "religion" is a very flexible and loving one that accepts and supports religions and beliefs of all kinds, so don't be scared of me, I don't plan on converting you or anything. XD

So yes, that's basically me! I hope that by being here I can help bring the world into a new time of respect and love for all Earth's beings!
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