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Awards Against Animal Testing Fur-Free! Leather-Free! Wool-Free! Vegetarian in Training Action Team Member

Screen Name: Lucy13 Joined: 24 September 2010 Location: QLD Recruits: 0

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Fave Food: mashed potatoes :) Fave Music: Taylor Swift,Grant, Amos,Liz, Caitlin, Al, Mike, and Paul Fave Animal: EVERYTHING What's Hot: Taylor Swift and happy animals What's Not: Crulty in animals -


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Hello !

I joined unleashed for 2 little reasons - well one of them isn't very little at all !But the 1st is my bestie was bugging me so I just joined so she would stop the nagging rolleyesBut then I saw a whole bunch of stuff about animals confused scaredand I had ni idea that they had treated the little bunnies, pigs, sheep, lambs, cats, dogs, and many many more so badly huh So I checked out some more stuff and found even more crulty things about elephants, chick, baby animals, and sooooo many more.Why you gotta be so MEAN ! furious

Then I saw not only do they keep them in cages and stuff for our sake but they also torture them foir entertainment, fun and testing !HOW RUDEEEEE !!!!!And to think my favourite food was a sausage roll. Not anymore  clap So now I'm living life without any animal testing products, no leather, wool or any of that and definately no caged products and I'm not afraid to tell people what they are biting into. I want to be a vegetarian just like my bestie and I am learning more about becoming one so I can be prepared ! cool

But now I'm all for the  broccoli banana broccoli banana

I love all animals including  chick fish beaverhug cow butterfly dog monkey starfish pig rabbit snail bee dove frog kitty ladybug orcawhale turtle starfish spider and more more more !Can't wait till I'm vegetarian or vegan like  my cousins and aunties and uncles !(My whole family is vegan or vegetarian so its very cool !)

Thanks for reading this if you did because it was seriously longgggg so I wouldn't blame you if you stopped on like the first sentence or something ! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME WHAT ITS LIKE FROM A FACTORY FARMED ANIMALS PERSPECTIVE -  sad scared cry confused angry furious bye bump

But for now -  dance broccoli banana broccoli dance

Seee yaaaaa peace_out tech party   Byeee
P.S. My name is Lucy13 funny laugh ecstatic bye
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