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Animals need a super hero like you. Are you up to it?

Tell us your superpower for animals and you could win a SUPER prize pack including a 'Kicking Ass for Animals' T-Shirt; stubby cooler, badges, stickers, and wristbands PLUS (what every good superhero needs) a sweet pair of Thundies!

Animals need your help. In a world where millions of animals are suffering in factory farms, in labs and in fur farms, someone like you can make the world of difference.

The best news is that you already have the superpowers you need to start saving the lives of animals. And you could win a SUPER HERO prize pack simply by tapping into one (or all!) of these three super powers today ...

1. Give life!

You have the power to literally save the lives of animals, simply by taking them off your plate. I know you want all animals to have a life free from fear and suffering but sadly, animals raised for food do not get this. (All "meat" animals end up in a slaughterhouse after all and there's nothing pleasant about that.) Be a lifesaver and don't let animals die for your food.

2. Go faux!

Would a superhero wear the skins of dead animals? We think not. Don a cape of kindness every single day by choosing not to support the cruelty of fur and leather. There are so many cruelty-free alternatives available that, by day, you'll look just like any ordinary citizen. (But we'll know you're a superhero.)

3. Stop tests!

Animals need your protection from villainous companies that perform cruel and unnecessary tests on them. The way to save them is simple -- don't buy products that are tested on animals. Pledge to be a SUPER shopper and start shopping cruelty-free today.

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