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Kick-off with New Kicks from Macbeth!

Kick-off with New Kicks from Macbeth!

When our friends at Macbeth Australia offered up some spankin’ new Macbeth kicks to give away, admittedly we were tempted to snap them up ourselves. But that just wouldn’t be right, now would it? So instead, 4 lucky people will now be winning the Hunter Burgan Studio Project Shoe to show off around town!

“But wait, isn’t Macbeth that annoying Shakespearean play we read in high school?” Well, yes, you got us there. But we’re talking about Macbeth Footwear — you know, the SoCal clothing brand that was started by Blink 182 and Angles and Airwaves frontman Tom Delonge? We love Macbeth because of their fashion-forward style and because they have an awesome line of leather-free shoes (that come with a little tag picturing a happy cow, aww :-)). But we’re not alone on this one. Macbeth also has a loyal following of bands, musicians and skaters/surfers who dig their range including Hunter Burgan of AFI (aka their vegan ambassador), Tegan and Sara, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, Circa Survive, The Color Fred, Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday, Gyroscope, and Kisschasy.

All you need to do to win these sweet new kicks from Macbeth is to help us save animals (and people!) from becoming fashion victims by telling five friends about our “Go Faux Yourself” campaign (and if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you check it out too). Just fill out the form below before the end of July and we’ll do the rest!

Too late! This contest has expired. But wait—there's more!
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WIN the Hunter Burgan Studio Project Shoe!

These Hunter Burgan Studio Project Shoes could be yours! Enter now to win one of four pairs from Macbeth.

top 5 reasons not to wear leather:
  1. Leather is dead skin (duh!)
  2. Animals die for leather
    Leather is not just a ‘by-product’ of meat! Millions of animals around the world die every year for the very skin on their backs.
  3. Leather means pain
    Animals are branded, castrated, are dehorned or disbudded – where sensitive horn tissue is scooped out of their sculls – all without pain relief!
  4. Leather is toxic to the environment
    Super-toxic chemicals are used to prevent the dead skin from naturally decomposing.
  5. Pleather is better
    Some of the hottest shoe brands such as Natalie Portman and Macbeth make leather-free lines.

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