Would you call this 'humane'?
In a world-first, cameras have seen inside the gas chambers where pigs spend their last moments before being killed for pork, bacon and ham. Most pigs are slaughtered this way as it is considered by industry to be the 'most humane'..
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WARNING: contains distressing scenes
Footage courtesy of Aussie Farms
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This is happening every day ...

Hard to believe that anyone could consider this 'humane', right? The covert footage, supplied to 'Aussie Farms', was taken at a NSW abattoir known to be not only the 'biggest' but the 'best' in the industry. Thousands of pigs are killed here every day.

Filmed in early 2014, the vision shows pigs screaming and thrashing in terror as they are lowered into a gas chamber, to be rendered unconscious. Most pigs are now killed like this as it is considered to be the 'most humane' way. But is it?

At the entrance to the chamber, a man jabbed at animals with an electric prod to force them inside. But they could hear the screams of those who were already in the chamber, and many tried to jump over the walls to escape. But the even greater horror lies in the level of suffering within the 'humane' gas chambers.

Both factory farmed and free-range pigs are killed at this Rivalea abattoir. Then their bodies are turned into pork, bacon and ham products to be sold by Australia's biggest pig meat brands in major supermarkets.

If you're thinking that this cruelty must stop, you're not alone. And there's one simple way you can help. As more and more people are realising, the easiest and most effective way to make sure no animals are harmed for your food is to simply not eat them. Every meal is a choice. Make a world of difference for animals and pledge to take them off your plate today.


Even in what is considered to be the industry's 'best' pig slaughterhouse, there will be fear and there will be suffering. This is the reality of raising and killing animals for food.

There is one simple way that you can help protect animals from harm. Simply don't eat them.

You have a choice. Just like millions of Australians* have done, you can take animals off your plate altogether – for your health, for the environment and for the animals.

Make the pledge and start saving lives today.

YES! I want to help protect animals from harm by pledging to be meat-free for...

[1] Roy Morgan research; http://bit.ly/RfRXz2