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When US-based Burger King announced that it would take a step in the right direction and phase out the use of cruel sow stalls and battery cages, we thought it would only be a matter of time until it's Australian company Hungry Jack's did the same. Sadly, it didn't happen -- nothing happened. In fact, after many letters and e-mails to Hungry Jack's, they are now just ignoring our concerns and calls for action.

That's right. HJ's think it's okay that pigs are confined in tiny cages so small they can't turn around -- and that egg-laying chickens are forced to live in a space smaller than one A4 sheet of paper -- just so they can make a few extra cents on each burger they sell.

Cruelty never tasted so bad!!

You can help pressure Hungry Jack's to do the right thing by signing the petition below. And make sure you send it to all your friends too!

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Hungry Jack's Petition
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Most animals raised for food in Australia come from factory farms, which is just like a living hell for animals. Burger King in the U.S. is leading the way to change, yet Hungry Jack’s in Australia refuses to follow.

As an Australian consumer, I urge Hungry Jack’s to implement a similar policy to that of y Burger King in the United States, and commit to a phase-out of pork products from facilities that use sow-stalls and of eggs produced by hens in battery cages, with a view to total replacement of current cruelly-produced products.

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Please don't allow these animals to suffer in silence.
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