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You won't even need cash for this life-saving shopping experience!

With the 60 Minutes expose still fresh in peoples' minds, and our powerful TV commercial still beaming its way into the living rooms of millions of Australian households, people are finally starting to 'get' that the way we treat animals raised for food in this country is just criminal.

But there's one place that TV can't reach... We need your help to remind shoppers about the horror of factory farming at the very place that they buy into it: at the supermarket.

How? Let your trolley do the work! That's right -- click here to download our super cute "I won't buy into cruelty!" sign and stick it to the front of a shopping trolley, then just walk around the supermarket for an hour (feel free to do some cruelty-free shopping while you're at it!). That's it! Simply by being there you'll help people to join the dots between what they saw on TV and what they are putting in their own trolley -- and effortlessly help save animals from lives of suffering in factory farms!

Trolley sign

And while you're at the supermarket, don't leave without letting the manager know what you think about their support of factory farms.

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