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Take Action!
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Action Alert

This would have to be the best Action Alert ever. All you have to do is eat lollies. Pretty sweet, hey? (Pun intended). Read on to find out what this is all about ...

Did you know that some lollies at the supermarket contain pig skin and ground up cow bones? They're not some weird random lolly either - nearly all gummy/chewy lollies (think Snakes Alive and Starburst) have been made using some part of an animal. In the ingredients it's called "gelatine", and it's basically a jelly like substance made from pig skin, cow skin and the bones of both animals (not to mention the cartilage and connective tissue attached to the bones)!

Fortunately, you can still get your sugar-fix and not be eating animals. Simply choose lollies that don't have gelatine in them. That's what this Action is all about. Next time you're at the shops wisely spending your hard-earned money (on lollies) - try something from the list below. They'll satisfy your sweet-tooth, and you can feel good about making the kind choice to avoid eating animal products!

So what are you waiting for?? There's lollies to be devoured!!

Fruit Tingles
Chuppa Chups (the non-milky ones)
Pascall Jelly Beans
Natural Confectionary Co. Jelly Beans
Most liquorice
Wizz Fizz Sherbet

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