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You’ve heard the facts about animal testing for cosmetics, you’ve made the switch to a cruelty-free option ... now what?

Why not tell a company that you used to buy products from why you've stopped doing so? Companies respond to the demands of their customers. They only exist if people buy their stuff. So, to encourage them to go cruelty-free, you need to tell them they have lost your business because of their choice to test ingredients on the sensitive eyes of rabbits or the skin of dogs.

Every year, millions of animals are abused and killed in laboratories around the world for the sake of cosmetics. And it’s completely unnecessary.


  • Pick a make-up label, hair or skin care product, deodorant, or anything else that you used to use and no longer do since you learned that they test on animals.
  • Google the brand or company and find an email address or contact form.
  • Send them a message letting them know that you used to buy their products, but won’t while they continue to test on animals.

Need inspiration?

Head here to read a letter to Unilever written by one of our bloggers.

Can’t think of any companies that test on animals?

Click here to send an email to three big companies that still test on animals asking them to stop the cruelty.

Want to do more?

Follow this link to get in touch with Australia’s Minister for Health and ask her to stop letting cosmetics tested on animals come into our country.

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