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You might know that eating cruelty-free is easy, but do your mates? Hosting a vegan dinner party is probz the most fun, delicious and effective way to get your friends and family to consider going cruelty-free.

Just for good measure, here's 7 more reasons to host a vegan dinner party for your friends or family:

1. Eating vegan food helps save the planet!
2. Veggie foods are good for you. And your friends and family. :)
3. Eating meat-free saves lives.
4. Vegan food is delicious!
5. Experimenting with new recipes is fun.
6. Your mates/fam are good company.
7. Every time a vegan dinner party happens, a fairy-pig gets her wings.

Not sure what to make? Check out this list of amazing vegan recipes and your mouth will soon be watering thinking of all the delish foods you could serve up. Baked mushies, shepherd’s pie, chocolate mousse (!!) ... it’s all there.

P.S. Why not add a theme to your dinner party? Or crack out a board game? Whatever you decide to do, be sure to let us know about it below. Have fun!

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