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Activist Challenge

Broddles88, challenge winner

Location: NSW

Visit Broddles88's page

Looking at Lily now you would hardly believe that at one time she was kept as a breeding dog for greyhounds for the racing industry. Lucky for Lily, she was adopted by Unleashed member Brodie 4 months ago. For making the kind choice to adopt and standing up for greyhounds, Brodie has earned a place in our Winning Activist hall of fame :)

Lily and Brodie.

When Brodie first adopted Lily she was skinny, shy and had very bad skin from how she had been living as a breeding dog :( Sadly, greyhound breeding is big business in the racing industry. And what's worse, very few greyhounds born into the racing industry get a second chance at life like Lily. (Click here to find out more.)

With plenty of love from Brodie and her partner, Lily quickly became a happy, healthy dog and is now even in training to become a therapy dog.

"[Greyhounds] are such beautiful, gentle creatures. They certainly don't get the credit they deserve," says Brodie.

Theodore (Brodie's whippet) and Lily enjoying the sunshine :)

Having found her loving forever home, Lily may be at the point where she can put her past behind her but Brodie certainly isn't going to let it be forgotten. She continues to speak out for greyhounds wherever she can, advocating for them amongst her friends, attending rallies and fundraisers and she even intends to become a specialist in dog behaviour and training so that she can help re-home more greyhounds in future! You go Brodie :)

Brodie and Theodore being a voice for greyhounds.

If you'd like to be a champion for greyhounds like Brodie, click here for everything you need to know about greyhound racing and how you can help animals like Lily.

Madi Land, challenge winner

Location: WA

Visit Madi Land's page

Fourteen year old Madi turned her school assignment into an opportunity to speak up for animals! Her story 'Freedom' tells the story of a pig born into a factory farm. Pretty sad setting for a picture book but, like all good stories, this one has a happy ending ... for this particular piglet at least.


Like all animals, pigs want to experience freedom and feel love. Unfortunately, that is not the case for millions of pigs who will spend tonight (and many other nights) in a cramped cage in a factory farm, just like this picture book shows.

The good news is that Madi's book will expose this hidden cruelty to everyone who reads it and inspire them to take action to help free all animals from factory farms!


So thanks for being a voice for animals at your school Madi and congratulations on being our latest Activist Challenge Winner :)

Jasamika, challenge winner

Location: VIC

Visit Jasamika's page

"Did you hear about the launch party for Bags for Change? I heard Costa was there."

That was the word on the street in Richmond in July last year. And it was all thanks to one individual's passion to help raise awareness about factory farming and live animal export.

Jasmine started designing fair-trade, reusable calico bags to sell in her local community to raise funds to help animals. Gradually, support and donations started rolling in and in July last year she held an official launch for her Bags for Change project :)


The launch was a huge success. Costa from ABC's Gardening Australia (admit it, you're a fan :p) supported the cause by being a guest speaker on the night, ethical companies donated prizes for a raffle and 60 people participated in an art competition on the theme of animal cruelty. Jasmine's project has so far raised $1800 to help free animals from factory farms and end live export.


"From the outset I thought that as a 16 year old there wasn't much I could do to make change," says Jasmine, "but then I had this thought which totally changed my perspective: If we don't do something now, when will we?"

Well said Jasmine :) Age means squat when it comes to making a difference for animals. And Jasmine has certainly proved that.

Congratulations Jasmine on being our latest Activist Challenge Winner and we look forward to hearing about the future endeavours of Bags for Change :)

freehorses, challenge winner

Location: SA

Visit freehorses' page

Cianah ain’t horsin’ around when it comes to speaking up for animals. She gave a presentation about the dark side of horse racing to the WHOLE senior assembly at her school! With all the talk of Melbourne Cup going on, Cianah took the opportunity to expose the truth about the thousands of horses discarded as 'wastage' by the racing industry. (Click here to see for yourself).

Cianah says that several students came up to her after her talk and said they never knew about what happened to the horses and that they weren't going to bet on the races when they were older. Yay! Good work Cianah. :)

Cianah and her horse Trillian.

Cianah's next project is to use her music to help horses. She plays the harp and is looking for other musicians to be part of a group to help fundraise for a good cause. :) Great stuff Cianah! And congratulations on being our latest Activist Challenge Winner.

Tess3, challenge winner

Location: NSW

Visit Tess3's page

These girls bake take the cake when it comes to being young activists:

Tess and Phoebe have also made the choice to take animals off their plates. "Animals deserve so much more than to spend their whole life cooped up in a tiny cage," say the girls. And with compassionate souls like these two helping to Make it Possible, the future for animals is looking brighter.

These young animal activists join over 150,000 other individuals who have made the pledge to help end factory farming. "If you are thinking of speaking up for animals then you should absolutely try," the girls say."Animals don’t have a voice so let’s speak for them."

, challenge winner

Location: NSW

Visit 's page

What luck for the voters at Sarah's local polling booth last year! As well as going home with a bunch of ... err, really interesting flyers for the political parties, they got fun showbags filled with Animals Australia stickers, menus from local veg-friendly restaurants and flyers about the dairy industry and factory farming.

Sarah (or je ne comprends pas, as she is known in the Unleashed community) swapped flyers with volunteers from the political parties and handed out 'family friendly' packs to people as they left Oakville Public School in Hawkesbury, NSW. "Everyone was so friendly," Sarah says. "As soon as I mentioned that it was unrelated to voting, they were happy to take them. I also heard their positive comments about the information as I left."

Sarah was vegetarian for 8 years before she stumbled upon the Unleashed forum and started learning about the cruelty in the meat and dairy industries. "I immediately changed my eating habits and became vegan," Sarah says, "and I also decided to be more proactive."

Now this Activist Challenge winner intends to get out and about and be the voice for animals on every election day in future. So keep your eye out for her on Federal Election Day, spreading the message of kindness to Hawkesbury residents.

Nice going Sarah! The animals are very grateful for everything you do.

ecochick, challenge winner

Location: SA

Visit ecochick's page

Talk about going straight to the top! Unleashed Activist Challenge winner ecochick (or Leah to her mates) recently managed to just, you know, have a bit of a chat face to face with the Prime Minister of Australia about animal issues!

I mean, it's not every day the leader of the country arrives at your school. And passionate young South Australian animal activist Leah, along with her friends Anu, Lara, Sascha and Kiara, were not about to let this fantastic opportunity pass them by! They arranged to speak with Prime Minister Julia Gillard during her recent Community Cabinet meeting at Aberfoyle Park High School and, when the day came, they sat down to discuss two of the most important animal issues today: live export and factory farming.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard at Aberfoyle Park High School

The Prime Minister was so impressed by them and the information pack they gave her (including links to websites like Animals Australia and Make it Possible and their own proposed solutions to the cruelty facing Australian animals), she committed to responding and providing them with some relevant State Government contacts to follow up.

Now. This is the BEST part. Leah and her friends challenged the Prime Minister to go veg for two weeks. And she accepted! How great is that?!

As Leah and her meat-free friends know already, going veg is one of the best things you can do to help animals, the planet and your own health. If you'd like to have a crack at going veg along with Prime Minister Gillard, click here to make the switch!

Here are Leah and her buds talking about their meeting with the PM.

After meeting these five determined young people, the PM told them she's sure "South Australia will be in safe hands" when they're older. We couldn't agree more!!

rhi jenkins, challenge winner

Location: TAS

Visit rhi jenkins' page

Unleashed member rhi jenkins had a life changing moment one day at school, and now she's determined to create that moment for as many other people as possible. This is her story...

"I have always been extremely passionate about animals, but a few years ago I went to a presentation at school by Emma Haswell from Brightside Farm Sanctuary, and it changed my life forever! I became a vegetarian from that day on and about a year ago I became vegan.

I have always rescued animals, from blue tongue lizards that were on the road to unwanted calves. I have rescued battery hens from factory farms and I recently rescued two young racehorses from being sold to the 'meat-men' at horse sales in Victoria. This video is the story of one of them - her name is Tilly. [Note from Unleashed: the best scene ever is at 2min 48sec!]

I also have four pigs who are all rescues - one of them was rescued from being used as bait for hunting dogs. She is called Nani and spent the first month living in the house and sleeping in my bed! I adore my pigs! They are the most amazing animals and they bring me so much happiness as do all of my animals.


I volunteer at Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania. I live for my animals and will dedicate my life to fighting for them. I have made a couple of videos trying to raise awareness and my Facebook is constantly covered in animal rights campaigns. I just want people to know what is going on behind closed doors. If they are anything like me - it will change their lives forever!"

Rhi has made several short videos documenting her rescues, perhaps the most touching is one she made of an ex-racehorse named Deposer, which has already been seen over 4,000 times. Take a look here:

Lea, challenge winner

Location: WA

Visit Lea's page

When you think about all the important stuff you do at school (I'm not counting Maths ... that's not important ;)), what is it that will stay with you for the longest? Is it the friends you make, or the subjects you enjoy which will guide you into what you want to do later in life? For Unleashed member Lea what will stay with her the longest is knowing that she made her school a more compassionate and animal-friendly place. And for that, she's our latest Activist Challenge winner!

Here's Lea's story in her own words ...

"As a passionate vegan I worked towards making my school in Perth more animal friendly and compassionate. My two major aims before I graduated were to make vegetarian and vegan options available at all our school events as well as converting our school canteen to using free range eggs instead of caged eggs.

After various petitions, surveys and through the support of some of the teachers I achieved both these aims and made our school more open minded towards cruelty-free options.

One of the greatest successes was making the latest Year 8 social (a pool party) entirely vegan. There were veggie sausages for sale as well as animal friendly lollipops. It was a big hit with the kids, who thought it was a great idea. Hopefully it will pave the way for future socials to be vegan friendly too!

Additionally, through speaking with our open-minded canteen staff, I was able to have soy hot chocolates introduced (yum!). All these changes at school required a little bit of time and organisation, but it was definitely worth the effort!"

Excellent stuff, Lea! Vegan bbq; soy hot chocs ... next project: 30 minute nap-time after lunch. Let's make it happen!

AllyCat, challenge winner

Location: SA

Visit AllyCat's page

If you've ever wondered what you can do to help more animals, then check out what Ally has been up to - you're bound to get some ideas (and inspiration from her)! For being so active - it'll make you tired just reading about it - Ally is the latest Activist Challenge winner!

Here's just a quick breakdown of how Ally is making a difference.

  • She's distributed leaflets and collected signatures out the front of her local shopping centre. The issues she focussed on were live exports and factory farming.
  • She doesn't wear leather, fur or wool. And after explaining this to the principal at her school who said she admired Ally for standing up for her beliefs - she is now allowed to wear a cruelty-free uniform!
  • She's constantly emailing, tweeting, sharing and letter-writing for animals who need someone to speak up for them.
  • She's made a powerpoint presentation about puppy mills to show to her class
  • She's vegetarian AND has helped one of her besties go veg too!

By simply not eating meat, every individual is saving the lives of 100 animals a year. By sharing the message with others and getting them to think more compassionately about what they're eating, Ally is making a huge contribution to speaking up for the animals.

You might be wondering where Ally finds the time to make such a difference for animals. But really, dedicating just a little time each day, or a couple of hours a week is all it takes. By deciding to be compassionate and help animals, everyone can find something to do. If you're inspired by Ally and want some tips on how to get active for animals, then there should be something here for you!

Ally's admirable efforts make her this month's Activist Challenge Winner. Top work, Ally!

OinkMoo, challenge winner

Location: NSW

Visit OinkMoo's page

If Noah was around today, he'd be able to learn a thing or two from Shanii about rescuing animals. You see, Shanii has been running her own animal rescue sanctuary on her family's property since she was 13 years old! There's chooks, ducks, rabbits, rats, sheep, cattle, horses ... all getting first class attention.

At the age of 11, Shanii came to a major decision. She realised that "the only way to help the ones I loved was to stop consuming them." You can't argue with that logic. She's been vegetarian ever since and has been throwing her considerable energy into helping as many animals as possible. She's rescued animals big and small, from Murphy the ferret right through to Bambii and Bugsii the dairy calves.

Shanii's also making a difference for the animals at her school. Together with friends she improved the lives of numerous animals at her school farm. Rabbits were relieved from their lives in wire cages, a run was constructed for the pigs and Shanii even brought in sunscreen to stop them from getting burnt. When it became obvious that the lambs at the school weren't safe Shanii took them home with her where they now hang out all day with other sheep and Shilo the pig!

"Seeing their happy faces every day and their unconditional love makes it all worth it and that's why I keep fighting for animal rights." says Shanii. And she even shares her animals' stories by making videos to raise awareness and inspire others to care for animals too.

So a huge round of applause to Shanii for helping her school, her family (oh, did I forget to mention that she cooks vego meals for her entire family?), and what sounds like half the animals in lower NSW! Shanii's story shows that all you need to make a difference for animals is passion. With that passion you can do anything - whether it's leafleting, volunteering at a rescue centre, talking to your classmates or even going veg yourself. As Gandhi said, "you must be the change you want to see in the world."

Hannah Maljcov, challenge winner

Location: VIC

Visit Hannah Maljcov's page

HannahJane is one pro-active advocate for animals. It all started when she stumbled across an information stall about factory farming. The leaflets she received struck a chord, and she just had to find out more. Now a passionate vegetarian, she's made it her mission to expose the cruelty of factory farming and encourage others to make a difference for animals.

Hannah has set up her own webpage, and also recently put together a 20 minute powerpoint presentation that she gave to her school. Now she plans on taking it on the road to present to other schools in her area!

She has also been inspiring others to speak up for animals. She inspired her friend to go veg, and has recruited the support of 12 local businesses to help her collect petition signatures. So far she has collected 400+ signatures and counting.

So what's next for this compassionate campaigner for critters? She has plans of setting up a stall to raise more awareness and inspire others to go veg.

Nice one Hannah! Keep up the great work!

jack, challenge winner

Location: VIC

Visit jack's page

Jack is no stranger to helping animals. At just 13 he plays an active role in helping out many organisations including Animals Australia, the Vegetarian Society, and Unleashed, and spends many a weekend speaking up for animals on the streets of Melbourne! But it was what he was able to achieve within school grounds that caught our attention...

Like many thoughtful students, Jack was cut up by his school's policy on dissection and decided to take action. A letter to the coordinators of his school Science program outlining the compassionate alternatives to dissecting pieces of slaughtered animals now means that students at his school are given the choice not to dissect!

But not content with just one victory in the Science department, Jack took his campaigning one step further. He enlisted the help of his school animal rights club (which he set up) and supplied his school science teachers with info packs, lesson plans and interactive activities that were designed to inform students about ethics and animal rights issues such as the treatment of animals on factory farms, and why most people love some animals and eat others...

After a lot of hard work and perseverance, the years 5 - 12 Science classes at Jack's school each now have a term that covers issues about animal ethics, inspiring heaps of students to think for themselves about the lives led by animals who are unfortunate enough to become hamburgers and testing subjects. Raising this level of awareness among peers can only mean good things for animals :-)

To top it off, Jack is also campaigning to get his school canteen to go cage-free! Way to go Jack!

gaytee., challenge winner

Location: NSW

Visit gaytee.'s page

Kaytee's school uniform policy was full of animal products like compulsory leather shoes, and woollen jumpers but with one letter describing the cruelty and environmental impact of these products she was able to change that! Check out what she sent to the school principal which resulted in a change to her school uniform policy:

To [the principal],

I write to you in regard to our school's current stance in becoming a more environmentally friendly institution. In light of the world's current situation I feel this is a very important stance to take. I'm extremely happy to be part of a school that is so committed to lessening our environmental footprint. In saying this I would like to call into question our current school uniform requirements. I believe these requirements are completely outdated and do nothing in our promotion of becoming more environmentally friendly. I understand a uniform that meets OHS requirements is necessary, and uniforms should be smart and practical. I also feel the school can still achieve this, in addition to becoming more environmentally aware. I want to bring attention to the uniform policy's specifics in outlining the need for leather-inclosed shoes and a woolen jumper. I understand that these materials are substantial and everlasting, a practical requirement for our uniform, but I feel the disregard to mention an alternative is highly prejudicial and ignorant in the stance of our current world crisis. I want to point out to you the fact that Leather, not only supports a corporation of immorality and cruelty towards animals, especially in Australia, but also its contribution to environmental disaster. The production of leather, as well as all factory-farming institutions together contributes to two thirds of the world's gas emissions. This is more than any combination of factories. It has also been proven that 70% of Australia's water usage is used in the production of meat products or animal byproducts, including Leather and wool. I think before we should start shortening our showers we should look to what we eat, drink and wear!

I don't advise you to take out the words leather or woolen as I am accepting of these products as practically choices for families to make, I just wish that our school in the next production of our schools uniform policy provided alternatives to these particular products. I believe in doing this we are no longer solely promoting highly unenviromental products, but we are also opening up a world of alternatives for families to participate in a more environmentally friendly cycle. Leather alternatives are not only just as practical and substantial as leather, but they are often one third of the price.
I know most teacher's are lenient and will accept leather alternatives if a child chooses to wear them, but I think it is important to mention this in our uniform policy, so parents are made aware of this factor, and alternative are also promoted.

I know you may not, or many may not, agree on my stance to leather & wool, but even so, I feel that a disregard to those who do is highly prejudice and unfair. I feel that if the facts are there, and if all the school has to do to fix this issue is include a few words in the next copy of the school uniform requirements, than I see no excuse as to why we should not. I believe to include alternatives we are taking a step forward as a school in the promotion of a more environmentally friendly world for the future.

I really hope you take my advice to consideration, and thank you so much for your time.

Year 11

Cute Dog

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