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Who Cares: P!nk

Pink Speaks Up for Animals

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To say Aussies love P!nk would be a supreme understatement. It seems no matter how many additional shows she schedules on her Funhouse tour they just keep selling out!

It's really no surprise. Her sassy style, pop anthems and 'say what I want' attitude is enough to win anyone over — not to mention her outspoken support for animals!

So despite her busy schedule, this pop punk princess was more than happy to catch up with Animals Australia's ambassador, Jackie O, to talk animals in an exclusive interview for Unleashed. We are tickled pink!

Jackie: You are very vocal and supportive when it comes to animal welfare issues, when did you first realise this was a cause you wanted to support?

P!nk: When I was a little girl I rescued hurt animals, always had pets, rats, mice, dogs, etc. And I helped  my neighbor with her farm. I've always loved animals immensely.

Jackie: How vocal are you? If you saw someone wearing fur, would you feel compelled to say something?

P!nk: I have been known to tell people with fur on how disgusting they look. I'm pretty vocal (surprise).

Jackie: Have you ever had a bad reaction from someone, because you spoke up?

P!nk: I have had plenty of bad reactions, but it doesn't stop me. At the end of the day, I will always side with the animals. Cruelty is cruelty, plain and simple.

Jackie: What are the simple ways people can make a difference when it comes to animal welfare?

P!nk: Rescuing a shelter animal as opposed to a puppy mill or pet shop. Not wearing fur, becoming a vegetarian, donating time or money to a shelter.

Jackie: Is it difficult to have pets when you're on the road so much?

P!nk: I am very lucky that I have friends who live at my house with my doggies while I'm away. They are terribly spoiled, my dogs.

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Pink's Pledges
If you love animals, like P!nk, and don’t want to see them hurt, then here are some of the easiest and most powerful things you can do:
Pledge to Wear Your Own Skin Pledge to be Veg!


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